• Target Archery – Great idea for you business teambuilding event!
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    Target Archery – Great idea for you business teambuilding event!

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    Modern competitive archery has come a long way since the days of Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Today’s archers perform in target and field archery more often that not and the two sports, though largely similar, draw slightly different crowds. There are numerous other brands of competitive archery as well, but these two are more or less the major tournament sports. So, knowing the difference between the two is a great place to start for anyone considering getting into the sport and wondering where they should start.

    Target Archery

    Target archery is a major world sport, included in the Olympics and governed by the International Archery Federation. The sport itself consists of both indoor and outdoor variations. The indoor variation is on a much shorter course than the outdoor.

    field_archery_2Starting at 18 meters and going to 25 meters, indoor target archery is often performed with fewer arrows when in competition than outdoor. Outdoor events are held at a distance of 30 to 90 meters and allow more shots. Arrows are shot in ends of 3 or 6 depending on the competition and between each end archers retrieve their arrows and score their shots. The target for target …

  • The H&S industry
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    The H&S industry

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    The age old adage has proven its stance time and again in every era of human existence. Health is wealth – As plain and simple as it may seem, countries and continents have moved apart in implementing this noble idea in practice. In contemporary years, advancements in science and technology have borne fruit in all life domains, including one which matters to every living individual on this planet — Health & Safety.

    Twcms_154926he H&S industry has increased its reach many folds and reached unchartered territories. Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is an emerging field of interest concerned with the health, safety, and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. It is becoming an emerging working profession and people from different regions of the world are highly paid for this responsible and hard-working job. Take a look at careers in health and safety that are currently available across UK if you’re looking for well paid and stable job. The goals of Health and Safety programs are to foster a safe and healthy work environment for protecting co-workers, their family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment. While Health & Safety jobs provides …

  • Invest In Right Country For Good Global Returns
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    Invest In Right Country For Good Global Returns

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    Investors who want to be more active than simply selecting an international equity index fund face three broad choices: to invest in a country which is promising, an industry which looks enticing internationally, or firms with good prospects, according to Terence Moll, an economist at Citadel Investment Services.

    The upside potential from international equities looks more exciting than bonds, particularly since world growth in the next few years is likely to be strong, Moll says.

    This was echoed by Chrissy Keen, executive director and senior portfolio strategist at Fidelity Investments International, who addressed intermediaries in Cape Town last week during a presentation on Standard Bank’s new international products.

    She said the consensus view for the next 12 months is that there will be modest growth and modest inflation in most countries. “That kind of background is favourable for the equity market, though markets have already factored this into prices.”

    John Phillips, chief executive of Templeton Asset Management’s local subsidiary, told the Saturday Argus/Seeff Trust Investors Club that the current bull market in the United States had now lasted for six years – two years longer than the average length of a bull market.

    However, he said this was not a …

  • New Foreign Investment Products
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    New Foreign Investment Products

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    The following new products were launched by local companies this week.
    Board of Executors BOE International Growth Fund, a sterling-based fund investing in international shares, unit trusts and investment companies; and BOE International Managed Fund, a sterling-based fund investing in equity and fixed interest securities, unit trusts and investment companies. Isle of Man – BOE International Asset Management
    Fedsure Has an offshore unit trust with three different risk profiles managed by LGT Asset Managers; with an option to put up to 50 percent in a money market fund managed by Rothschild Asset Managers. It also offers a banking facility with Irish Intercontinental Bank in Dublin. LGT Asset Managers is based in Guernsey
    First National Bank Ansbacher Portfolio investment Fund, offering three options – a balanced strategy, capital growth strategy and income strategy. Base currency can be either US dollars or pounds sterling. Funds are invested in sub-funds managed by Guinness Flight Hambro. Various offshore operations
    Prudential Offers six international equity unit trusts: the Prudential International Growth, North American, UK Equity, European, Japanese and Pacific Markets. Head office is London, managers around the world
    Societe Generale Frankel Pollak Global Guaranteed Bond, with five-year capital guarantee, performance linked to the American, Japanese …

  • No Need To Rush Off To Your Broker – Take Time To Plan Wise Foreign Investments
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    No Need To Rush Off To Your Broker – Take Time To Plan Wise Foreign Investments

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    The last few weeks have been frenetic for South Africa’s banks, merchant banks, assurance companies and investment advisers who have been gearing up for D-day on Tuesday when South African investors will be allowed to invest R200 000 offshore.

    Just how many investors are going to rush to their bank or brokers to invest money offshore is anyone’s guess. Estimates of how much money will flow out of South Africa range from R2 billion to R15 billion.

    But remember that this is only part of South Africa’s gradual reintegration into the rest of the world’s financial markets. It seems that Tuesday will come and go very smoothly, possibly opening the door to further relaxation of forex controls and ultimately their scrapping.

    The sooner that day comes the better. Some people believe that Reserve Bank Governor Chris Stals and Finance Minister Trevor Manuel should have used the current very favourable conditions to remove controls in one fell swoop.

    International investors still rank forex controls as a bigger obstacle to foreign investment than crime, inflexible labour conditions or low productivity.

    Most South Africans, and that includes the banks, merchant banks, assurance companies and their intermediaries, have been excluded from world markets for …

  • An Array Of Products To Meet Your Foreign Investment Needs
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    An Array Of Products To Meet Your Foreign Investment Needs

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    A number of companies have announced new foreign investment products to coincide with the relaxation in exchange controls from Tuesday. Here are some of the details:

    Nedcor Bank

    Nedcor Bank will be offering a range of global funds managed by Schroder Investment Management as well as offshore banking products.

    Schroder Investment Management is particularly strong in the Asia Pacific region, where almost half of its worldwide offices are located.

    “Schroders was Nedcor Bank’s first choice as a partner to manage our offshore unit trusts,” Richard Laubscher, Nedcor chief executive, said.

    “The secret of its success lies in an unfailingly reliable performance.”

    Nedcor has set up an umbrella fund, the Nedcor Bank Global Portfolio, registered in the Isle of Man.

    The fund contains six unit trusts, all carrying the Nedbank brand but to be managed by Schroder. These unit trusts are a Global Managed, Global Bond, Global Equity, US Equity, European Equity and Pacific Equity Fund.

    The minimum investment amount is R30 000 which can be split between two funds, since the minimum investment in a subsidiary fund is R15 000. Subsequent investments of at least R10 000 can be made. The costs are five percent up front and a 1,5 …

  • Small Pearl In Offshore Oyster
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    Small Pearl In Offshore Oyster

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    The world becomes your oyster from Tuesday – but the pearl remains rather small.

    The larger than expected, but still comparatively restricted, R200 000 allowance, which Finance Minister Trevor Manuel announced this week that you can take offshore opens up a whole new world of investment, including 34 000 unit trust funds..

    The financial services industry, which has been planning its moves since the Budget in March when Manuel signalled the easing of exchange controls on individuals, sprang into action to offer investors an almost bewildering array of new products.

    Over the last week dozens of new “offshore” products were launched by local institutions, some as familiar as your bank, unit trust company and life assurer.

    Foreign institutions are also entering the market either in partnership with local corporates or on their own.

    To enter the offshore investment market will in most cases cost a significant amount of money – you will not get away with much less than R30 000 for most of these new products.

    These products complement the international unit trusts and endowments – “onshore” products – which local institutions have been selling for the past year.

    The onshore products are similar to the offshore products in …

  • Direct Foreign Investment
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    Direct Foreign Investment

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    An avalanche of advertising from local institutions promoting their international products is disguising one of the most exciting features of Tuesday’s partial exchange control relaxation – your ability to choose any intermediary, any investment house and any financial product in the world after decades of confinement to a small market.

    You only need to go to your bank and sign two simple forms to identify yourself to the Reserve Bank and state that your tax affairs are in order before you can buy up your allowance of foreign currency. That money can then be used to buy any investment of your choice abroad.

    John Morris of TriStar International Consulting says some South Africans will feel more comfortable using the advice and products offered by their local bank, unit trust company or life assurer.

    But those who want to make more active decisions and cut down on the commissions and management fees they would pay intermediary agents and institutions, can go directly to the investments of their choice.

    For example, there is nothing to stop you from undertaking your own research and on that basis approaching a discount brokerage in New York, and requesting $10 000 of General Electric, $10 000 …

  • Faith In Trusts Expected To Ensue
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    Faith In Trusts Expected To Ensue

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    Offshore trusts have become an increasingly popular concept not only for tax and estate planning purposes but also as a vehicle to hide money that is “illegally” invested abroad.

    With the announcement that you will now be able to invest R200 000, the marketing of offshore trusts is likely to increase.

    Amanda Shorn of Investec associate company Integro Financial Services says over the last three decades there has been widespread and increasing use of “offshore” trusts as a way of holding personal wealth confidentially.

    Many tax havens or low tax jurisdictions have enacted trust laws to protect investors. One example is Jersey, in the Channel Islands, where a substantial number of trusts are administered. The governing body of Jersey has control over trading licences and may withdraw these where the good name and reputation of the island is threatened or impaired.

    Shorn says legal obligations imposed upon a trustee are onerous. Trustees may be sued by beneficiaries if in breach of trust, with the protection of beneficiaries being a primary concern.

    Shorn says the advantages of trusts are many and varied. Specific types of trusts and the advantages will depend on the needs and requirements of the settlor’s (the one …

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